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Product Description

This course has been recognised by Open Awards in the UK as meeting national standards of quality and assessment and provides unit credit towards larger maritime qualifications.


Maths at Sea is an e-learning course in Maths for nautical students and those about to begin a course at nautical college.


The programme has been written by professionals in nautical education and the entire programme is marine themed - it uses relevant, nautically-flavoured examples and language.


As well as functional maths, it also covers elementary aspects of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry: essential skill sets at nautical college, but often no longer covered as part of the school curriculum.


The award-winning course intuitively leads students to apply basic yet key maths concepts without them realising they are doing so and has been commended as 'making a significant contribution to the recruitment, training, retention and advancement of the industry's most valuable asset - its people'.


It's an ideal prep for nautical college or can be used as a revision aid for students whose studies have started.


Maths@Sea has three parts: arithmetic, space and volume, and algebra.


There is a test for each part, which will help you see how you're getting on.


The tests are multiple choice, and cover the topics you've just been studying. 


This course is £19.99 per month, discounted to £5.98 per month with the generous support of IFAN

There is a one-off £30 certification fee for the accreditation with the first month subscription. This fee also covers your printed certificate and is payable at the outset.

An non-accredited version of this course is also available.