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Product Description

This course has been recognised by Open Awards in the UK as meeting national standards of quality and assessment and provides unit credit towards larger maritime qualifications.


In this course, you'll learn about bearings and why the shortest distance between two ports isn't a straight line. You'll learn how designers figure out the maximum speed a ship can turn at before she keels over, and how they use maths to measure waterplanes. You'll learn a little bit about infinity and a little bit about the maths behind aiming artillery.


If you've completed the original award-winning Maths@Sea course, you're in a good position to take the next step into more advanced algebra, spherical trigonometry, and even calculus. This course will give you a taster of those topics, and will provide a great foundation to explore them in more depth. 


This course is £19.99 per month, discounted to £5.98 per month with the generous support of IFAN

There is a one-off £30 certification fee for the accreditation with the first month subscription. This fee also covers your printed certificate and is payable at the outset.

A non-accredited version of this course is also available.