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Maths@Sea Plus

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Product Description

In this course, you'll learn about bearings and why the shortest distance between two ports isn't a straight line. You'll learn how designers figure out the maximum speed a ship can turn at before she keels over, and how they use maths to measure waterplanes. You'll learn a little bit about infinity and a little bit about the maths behind aiming artillery.

If you've completed the original award-winning Maths@Sea course, you're in a good position to take the next step into more advanced algebra, spherical trigonometry, and even calculus. This course will give you a taster of those topics, and will provide a great foundation to explore them in more depth.

This course is £19.99 per month, discounted to £5.98 per month with the generous support of IFAN.  

An accredited version of this course is also available.