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Project Management@Sea

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Product Description

Project Management@Sea is a short but incisive introduction to the techniques and approaches of project management.

This brief course covers a lot of ground with the intention of giving you an overview as to what a project manager does and what sort of person he or she should be.

you'll have seen why communication is so vital and what should go into every project plan;

you'll have some idea of the most popular project management apps available and

you'll know how to document important parts of the project process using Work Breakdown Structures and Gantt charts.

In short, you'll be well on the way to joining a community of project managers that extends around the globe - a community that enjoys inventing technical jargon as much as any other speciality, but which freely shares its knowledge and experience.

This course is £9.99 per month, discounted to £2.99 per month with the generous support of IFAN

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