Our corporate packages have been designed for organisations who want to buy access to our courses for large numbers of learners. Courses are provided with the generous support of IFAN and delivered from marsoc.mycoracle.com

How it works:

  • You buy bundles of learner credits which can be used towards accessing any of the @sea courses. 
  • Learner credits are sold in bundles of 50, 150 or 300. The more credits you buy, the better value. Buy 3 or more of the 150 or 300 bundles and we'll automatically give an extra 10% discount!
  • Bundles of learner credits are valid for six months once purchased. (Learners typically take one to three months to complete a course)
  • Each course requires either one or two learner credits per month (which means, once issued, each learner credit will expire after one month). Find out more

Extra bonus

To get the best use out of our courses we suggest that all learners complete the Skills Radar which we include free of charge. The Skills Radar identifies area of strength and weakness in the learners’ Maths and English and suggests which of the courses will help them.

We’ve also included free access to Slavery@Sea which looks at different types of modern slavery, including slavery in the shipping industry and what signs seafarers can look out for.

Learn@Sea packages for organisations
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